skip some new test with ldap/ad backends
[tine20] / tests / tine20 /
2017-06-12 Philipp Schüleskip some new test with ldap/ad backends
2017-06-12 Philipp Schüleadds a test for record customfield resolving
2017-06-12 Paul MehrerCalendar_Controller_Event::searchFreeTime
2017-06-12 Paul Mehrerfinalize Calendar_Frontend_Json::searchAttendee
2017-06-12 Paul Mehrernew config to disallow webdav clients using user agent...
2017-06-07 Paul Mehrerfinalizing Filesystem crud notification email
2017-06-07 Paul MehrerCalendar_Frontend_Json - searchAllAttendeeTypes
2017-06-07 Paul MehrerCalendar_Frontend_Json - add getFreeBusyInfo
2017-06-06 Paul Mehrerpgsql - mark Addressbook_Export_DocTest skipped
2017-06-06 Paul MehrerFilemanager - allow to delete own notification props
2017-06-06 Paul MehrerTinebase Filesystem - make getChild case sensitive
2017-06-06 Paul MehrerFilemanager - allow notification props update on read...
2017-06-02 Paul MehrerFilemanager - added isIndexed field / filter
2017-06-02 Paul MehrerTinebase_Model_Tree_Node validation for revision and...
2017-06-02 Paul MehrerTinebase Container - make it replicable
2017-06-01 Paul MehrerCalendar Export - fix docx export
2017-06-01 Stefanie Stamertest update list with relation
2017-06-01 Philipp Schüle0013060: refactor filemanager node actions
2017-06-01 Paul Mehrerclean up exports
2017-06-01 Paul MehrerTinebase / Filemanager Replication - replicate grants...
2017-05-31 Paul MehrerTinebase Export - add format to definition, allow templ...
2017-05-31 Michael Spahn0013120: Via Admin-App created calendar-container have...
2017-05-31 Philipp Schüle0013160: user search should find disabled/hidden users
2017-05-30 Paul MehrerTinebase Replication - fix role members / rights
2017-05-29 Paul MehrerTinebase Export - implement group by
2017-05-29 Philipp Schüle0013032: add GRANT_DOWNLOAD
2017-05-24 Paul MehrerTinebase Filesystem - fix revisionProps
2017-05-23 Michael Spahn0013014: Allow to manage resources in addressbook module
2017-05-23 Philipp Schüle0013122: navigate anchors in mails via javascript
2017-05-23 Paul MehrerCalendar_Export_DocTest - mark test skip
2017-05-23 Philipp Schüleprevent problems with nominatim
2017-05-22 Philipp SchüleMerge branch '2016.11' into 2016.11-develop
2017-05-22 Paul MehrerExport - added definitions and templates
2017-05-19 Philipp Schüle0013072: add password protection to download links
2017-05-18 Paul MehrerTests - load test suits dynamically with directory...
2017-05-18 Philipp Schüle13090: Tinebase QueryFilter - empty search with advance...
2017-05-18 Philipp Schülefix/adjust some failing tests
2017-05-17 Philipp SchüleMerge branch '2016.11' into 2016.11-develop
2017-05-17 Philipp Schüle0013028: add failcount to scheduled import filter
2017-05-17 Philipp Schüle0012768: mails containing backshlashes in subject can...
2017-05-17 Philipp Schülemake sure demodata users get their personal node
2017-05-17 Philipp Schüle0013034: add GRANT_PUBLISH
2017-05-17 Philipp Schüle0013032: add GRANT_DOWNLOAD
2017-05-16 Philipp Schülefixes path resolving for other users nodes
2017-05-12 Paul Mehrer13058: introduce filesystem previews
2017-05-12 Philipp Schüle0013054: return account grants for toplevel nodes
2017-05-12 Michael Spahn11888: increase announced own cloud server version
2017-05-09 Philipp SchüleMerge branch '2016.11' into 2016.11-develop
2017-05-09 Philipp Schüledeactivated some failing tests
2017-05-09 Stefanie Stameradd test for array config
2017-05-09 Paul MehrerCalendar - make some test facilities public for reuse
2017-05-08 Philipp Schüle0010194: fix felamimail webdav tests
2017-05-08 Philipp Schüle0013030: fix HR and FMail template folder nodes
2017-05-08 Philipp Schüleadds another base64 encoded message to AS tests
2017-05-06 Philipp Schüleadds another iMIP REQUEST test
2017-05-06 Philipp SchüleExampleApplication frontend json can be omitted
2017-05-04 Philipp Schüle0013002: can't save file over webdav
2017-05-04 Philipp Schüle0013010: fix handling of otherUsers in Filemanager
2017-04-28 Philipp Schüleadds test for mcv2 custom field handling
2017-04-28 Philipp Schületests: use generic json frontend as fallback
2017-04-27 Paul MehrerFileSystem - prevent invalid folder sizes
2017-04-27 Philipp SchüleMerge branch '2016.11' into 2016.11-develop
2017-04-27 Philipp Schüle0012982: fix some mail issues with php 7
2017-04-26 Philipp SchüleFilemanager: shared children were missing via webdav
2017-04-24 Paul Mehrerfix pgsql
2017-04-24 Philipp SchüleMerge branch '2016.11' into 2016.11-develop
2017-04-24 Philipp Schüleadds a test for purchase invoice creation via webdav
2017-04-21 Paul Mehrer0012964: update sabredav vobject to support php7
2017-04-19 Philipp Schüle0012954: acl UI for folder nodes
2017-04-19 Philipp SchüleMerge branch '2016.11-develop-ldap' into 2016.11-develop
2017-04-19 Paul Mehrerremove test users in sync backend
2017-04-13 Paul Mehreradded transaction handling to tinebase_filesystem
2017-04-12 Philipp Schüle0012952: colorize logging
2017-04-12 Michael Spahn0012928: Fulltext search for all description fields...
2017-04-11 Philipp Schüle0012788: allow acl for all folder nodes (create/remove...
2017-04-10 Philipp Schüle0012788: allow acl for all folder nodes (another test)
2017-04-10 Paul Mehrer0012946: add usage tab to file/folder properties dialog
2017-04-10 Philipp SchüleMerge branch '2016.11' into 2016.11-develop
2017-04-10 Philipp Schülefixes attachment name test
2017-04-07 Paul MehrerTinebase_FileSystem - revision options for each folder
2017-04-07 Paul MehrerFilemanager - recursive file search
2017-04-07 Paul Mehrerfix Tinebase_Record_PathTest::testPathPartDelegator
2017-04-06 Cornelius Weiß0012942: make sessionLifetime configurable at runtime
2017-04-06 Cornelius Weiß0012882: add resource edit shortcut to calendar tree
2017-04-06 Cornelius Weiß0012926: admin container actions break resources
2017-04-06 Paul MehrerTinebase_Record_PersistentObserver - make it work
2017-04-05 Paul Mehrerfix Tinebase_FileSystemTest
2017-04-05 Paul Mehrer0004846: remove no longer used file (revisions) with...
2017-04-05 Philipp Schüle0012788: allow acl for all folder nodes
2017-04-05 Paul MehrerAddressbook - add json test to search for lists with...
2017-04-04 Paul MehrerFilesystem - add available_revision field
2017-04-03 Philipp SchüleMerge branch '2016.11' into 2016.11-develop
2017-04-03 Philipp SchüleMerge branch '2015.11-develop' into 2016.11
2017-04-03 Philipp SchüleMerge branch '2015.11' into 2015.11-develop
2017-04-03 Paul MehrerTinebase_Config(_Abstract|_Struct) - all config sets...
2017-04-02 Michael SpahnAddressbook - empty path/query filter may cause issues
2017-03-31 Paul Mehrer0012896: recursively sum up file sizes as folder size
2017-03-31 Paul Mehrer0012898: sum up sizes of all available file revisions
2017-03-28 Cornelius Weiß0012862: relation type cannot be set/changed
2017-03-28 Paul Mehrer0012872: Tinebase Path - getPathPart implement decorato...