acl node reset not working
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2017-07-10 Michael Spahnfix event search combo
2017-07-07 Cornelius Weißtouch event on each attendee update
2017-07-07 Cornelius Weißmake events inspectable on attendee status updates
2017-07-06 Cornelius Weißstop events on ctx menu, otherwise help system colses...
2017-07-05 Cornelius Weißcope with new compound id for recur instances
2017-07-05 Michael Spahnprinter renderer for edit dialogs
2017-07-05 Cornelius Weißnew observable for Calendar->inspectEvent
2017-07-05 Paul MehrerSetup - add missing application version updates
2017-07-04 Paul MehrerTinebase ActionQueue - cli execute call passed job...
2017-07-04 Cornelius Weiß0013280: can't set attendee status for non organisers...
2017-07-03 Philipp Schüle0013288: Calendar update fails with "no permission"
2017-07-03 Paul Mehrer13290: Tinebase_Container - container id to uuid
2017-06-30 Cornelius Weiß0008722: Link to event in event notifications
2017-06-30 Paul Mehrer0002150: Freetime-search function
2017-06-30 Philipp SchüleMerge branch '2016.11-develop-setup' into 2016.11-develop
2017-06-30 Michael Spahnadds missing abstract function to Import abstract
2017-06-27 Michael SpahnAllow to render preview for file attachments in records
2017-06-27 Philipp SchüleMerge branch '2016.11' into 2016.11-develop
2017-06-27 Cornelius Weißskip memberOf entries in timeline view
2017-06-27 Cornelius Weißresolve groupmembers for new events with preset attendee
2017-06-27 Cornelius Weißdon't resolve groupmembers in filter usage
2017-06-27 Cornelius Weißcontainer color stratigy broken
2017-06-26 Stefanie Stamerfix single print
2017-06-26 Michael SpahnAdd period to event finder option state
2017-06-26 Michael Spahnfree time search options dialog
2017-06-26 Paul MehrerCalendar - AttenderFilter - handle attender->user_id...
2017-06-26 Cornelius Weiß0003706: Handling users and groups (during selection...
2017-06-23 Philipp SchüleMerge branch '2016.11-develop-setup' into 2016.11-develop
2017-06-22 Philipp Schüle0013214: allow to set fixed calendars as user preference
2017-06-21 Cornelius Weißevent edit dialog does not open on 'new' btn
2017-06-21 Cornelius Weißcleanup: user new fbInfo generation in mainscreen
2017-06-21 Cornelius Weiß0013242: show freebusy info in attendeeGrid
2017-06-21 Cornelius Weiß0013238: allow multitype attendee search with freebusy...
2017-06-21 Paul Mehrer13246: pgsql / calendar - fix broken sql in grants...
2017-06-21 Paul MehrerCalendar Frontend Json - searchAttendee / getFreeBusyIn...
2017-06-20 Philipp SchüleMerge branch '2016.11' into 2016.11-develop
2017-06-20 Philipp SchüleMerge branch '2015.11-develop' into 2016.11
2017-06-20 Michael Spahnrrule filter styling
2017-06-20 Michael Spahn0013222: Allow to filter for rrule
2017-06-16 Michael Spahn0013222: Allow to filter for rrule
2017-06-16 Cornelius Weiß0013212: allow to edit transistent daysView events
2017-06-16 Cornelius Weiß0013206: add timeline as additional view
2017-06-16 Paul MehrerAcl/Grant account_type should support roles too
2017-06-16 Stefanie Stamerchange calendar print to promise
2017-06-16 Cornelius Weißallow attendee role intercepting
2017-06-16 Stefanie Stameroption to show or hide attendee roles
2017-06-15 Cornelius Weißforgotten translation
2017-06-15 Michael Spahn0013184: ignore default container if it's not definitel...
2017-06-15 Michael Spahn0013178: select week of year button for week view
2017-06-15 Michael Spahn0013208: If virtual node is selected, select all contai...
2017-06-15 Cornelius Weiß0013210: event details panel is a bit to small
2017-06-15 Paul MehrerCalendar - send notifications about upcoming, tentative...
2017-06-14 Paul MehrerCalendar - add update script to add new export definitions
2017-06-14 Philipp Schülecatches problems with missing exports & split view...
2017-06-13 Philipp SchüleMerge branch '2016.11' into 2016.11-develop
2017-06-13 Philipp SchüleMerge branch '2015.11-develop' into 2016.11
2017-06-12 Paul MehrerCalendar_Controller_Event::searchFreeTime
2017-06-12 Paul Mehrerfinalize Calendar_Frontend_Json::searchAttendee
2017-06-07 Paul MehrerCalendar_Frontend_Json - searchAllAttendeeTypes
2017-06-07 Paul MehrerCalendar_Frontend_Json - add getFreeBusyInfo
2017-06-02 Michael Spahnfix alarm panel in event edit dialog
2017-06-01 Paul MehrerCalendar Export - fix docx export
2017-06-01 Cornelius Weißfix cal single exports
2017-06-01 Cornelius Weißfix cal export btn
2017-06-01 Paul MehrerTinebase Export: allow additional records send by client
2017-06-01 Paul Mehrerclean up exports
2017-05-31 Cornelius Weiß0013156: export event from resource attendee
2017-05-31 Cornelius Weiß0013154: export into attached/linked template
2017-05-31 Cornelius Weiß0013138: generic export buttons & favorite
2017-05-30 Michael Spahn0013136: Allow contains and notcontains for description
2017-05-29 Cornelius Weißfix timing issues with checkState
2017-05-23 Philipp Schüleallow customfields for Calendar resources
2017-05-23 Michael Spahn0013104: One cannot add a new calendar within the calen...
2017-05-23 Michael Spahn0013014: Allow to manage resources in addressbook module
2017-05-22 Philipp SchüleMerge branch '2016.11' into 2016.11-develop
2017-05-22 Paul MehrerExport - added definitions and templates
2017-05-22 Paul MehrerTinebase Doc Export - add block / separator facilities
2017-05-22 Paul Mehrer13108 Tinebase Export: reimplemented abstract framework
2017-05-19 Philipp Schüle0013100: improve demodata: use recurring events and...
2017-05-17 Philipp SchüleMerge branch '2016.11' into 2016.11-develop
2017-05-15 Stefanie Stamer0013070: contact single print in edit dialog
2017-05-12 Paul Mehrer13058: introduce filesystem previews
2017-05-11 Cornelius Weißtemplates with images
2017-05-09 Philipp SchüleMerge branch '2016.11' into 2016.11-develop
2017-05-08 Paul Mehrer0013042: export: add handling for multiday whole day...
2017-05-08 Paul Mehrer0013040: move all exports to definition files
2017-04-27 Philipp SchüleMerge branch '2016.11' into 2016.11-develop
2017-04-24 Philipp SchüleMerge branch '2016.11' into 2016.11-develop
2017-04-21 Michael SpahnFix import dialogs
2017-04-12 Michael Spahn0012928: Fulltext search for all description fields...
2017-04-10 Philipp SchüleMerge branch '2016.11' into 2016.11-develop
2017-04-06 Cornelius Weiß12828 allow filemanager deep links
2017-04-06 Cornelius Weiß0012882: add resource edit shortcut to calendar tree
2017-04-06 Cornelius Weiß0012926: admin container actions break resources
2017-04-05 Cornelius Weiß0012732: week view -> print page -> sheet is broken
2017-04-05 Philipp Schüle0012788: allow acl for all folder nodes
2017-04-03 Philipp SchüleMerge branch '2016.11' into 2016.11-develop
2017-04-03 Philipp SchüleMerge branch '2015.11-develop' into 2016.11
2017-04-03 Philipp SchüleMerge branch '2015.11' into 2015.11-develop
2017-04-03 Cornelius Weiß0012924: don't send custom alarms to declined attendee