acl node reset not working
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2017-07-10 Paul MehrerTinebase_Config: add Quota configuration
2017-07-10 Philipp Schüle0013314: allow users to change pin
2017-07-10 Paul Mehrertest clean ups
2017-07-10 Paul Mehrer0013330: Tinebase Records / TimeMachine - make all...
2017-07-10 Paul MehrerFilemanager - fix notification update acl check
2017-07-07 Cornelius Weiß0013318: customfield filter for type record with "defin...
2017-07-07 Cornelius Weißfix emptyClass layout handling
2017-07-06 Cornelius Weißmake right area of appMenu hookable
2017-07-06 Cornelius Weißstop events on ctx menu, otherwise help system colses...
2017-07-06 Michael SpahngetAppName on records are translated and therefor getMe...
2017-07-06 Michael SpahnRemove hasOwnProperty if it's not sure if the property...
2017-07-06 Cornelius Weißfix: relation picker might not reset after select
2017-07-06 Cornelius Weißstore loads don't run extra failure callbacks
2017-07-06 Cornelius Weißchange assetHash on app install/uninstall
2017-07-06 Michael Spahnload svg with url loader
2017-07-06 Paul Mehrer0013306: Tinebase_Filesystem - undo filesystem actions
2017-07-06 Cornelius Weißadd JS Errors to Exception Reporting
2017-07-05 Michael Spahnprinter renderer for edit dialogs
2017-07-05 Michael Spahnresolve recordpicker for single record if modelconfig...
2017-07-05 Philipp Schüleskip missing (extra) translation files
2017-07-05 Philipp Schüle0013298: "Setup Admin undefined" when updating Tinebase...
2017-07-05 Philipp Schüle0013302: fix node acl for roles with groups
2017-07-04 Cornelius Weißmove records picker (layer) combo to common place
2017-07-04 Cornelius Weißnew periodPicker form widget
2017-07-04 Paul MehrerTinebase ActionQueue - cli execute call passed job...
2017-07-04 Michael SpahnAllow import without any container specification
2017-07-04 Michael SpahnGeneric excel importer
2017-07-04 Cornelius Weiß0013280: can't set attendee status for non organisers...
2017-07-04 Stefanie Stamerfix small error in PickerGridLayerCombo
2017-07-04 Philipp Schüle0013272: add pin column, backend and config
2017-07-03 Paul MehrerSetup Tests - reset Admin_Config
2017-07-03 Paul Mehrer13300: Tinbase Roles - change int id to uuid
2017-07-03 Paul MehrerTinebase ActionQueue - create a new process to execute...
2017-07-03 Philipp Schüle0013292: customfield as duplicate check field does...
2017-07-03 Paul Mehrer13290: Tinebase_Container - container id to uuid
2017-07-03 Paul MehrerTinebase Setup - add is_deleted to tree_nodes table...
2017-06-30 Paul Mehrer0013282: Tinebase_FileSystem - make it replicable
2017-06-30 Cornelius Weiß0008722: Link to event in event notifications
2017-06-30 Paul Mehrer0002150: Freetime-search function
2017-06-30 Philipp SchüleMerge branch '2016.11-develop-setup' into 2016.11-develop
2017-06-30 Philipp Schüle0013278: add --setpassword to setup cli
2017-06-30 Michael Spahnadds missing abstract function to Import abstract
2017-06-29 Paul MehrerPersistent Observer - allow to listen for event for...
2017-06-29 Philipp Schüle0013274: export button missing
2017-06-28 Paul MehrerTinebase_Export - update script to import to vfs
2017-06-28 Michael Spahnrecover pickercombo if no app declared
2017-06-28 Michael Spahnadd space in front of currency symbol
2017-06-28 Michael Spahnfix moneyfield when declared by modelconfig
2017-06-27 Michael Spahnallow to pass additional config to the field defined...
2017-06-27 Michael Spahnevaluate specialType percent for float and integer...
2017-06-27 Michael SpahnAllow to render preview for file attachments in records
2017-06-27 Paul MehrerTinebase_FileSystem_RecordAttachements - add path to...
2017-06-27 Philipp SchüleMerge branch '2016.11' into 2016.11-develop
2017-06-27 Philipp Schülelog error status code and message in preview service
2017-06-27 Michael SpahnAdd semicolon and fix misleading doc
2017-06-27 Philipp Schüle0001362: Currency selector
2017-06-27 Cornelius Weiß0013266: allow roles for container grants
2017-06-26 Michael SpahnAdd period to event finder option state
2017-06-26 Michael Spahnfree time search options dialog
2017-06-23 Cornelius Weiß0013262: custom field tab might appear twice
2017-06-23 Philipp SchüleMerge branch '2016.11-develop-setup' into 2016.11-develop
2017-06-23 Michael Spahn0013236: Use filepicker for filemanager relations
2017-06-22 Philipp Schüle0013214: allow to set fixed calendars as user preference
2017-06-22 Philipp Schüle0013258: do not check download grant for record attachments
2017-06-22 Philipp Schüleadds another caldav frontend test
2017-06-22 Cornelius Weißsystem links with spaces do not work
2017-06-22 Michael Spahn0013256: Scrollbar in detailspanel textarea missing
2017-06-22 Stefanie StamerPickerGridLayerCombo rawValue
2017-06-22 Cornelius Weißfix cf type record value setting
2017-06-21 Cornelius Weiß0013238: allow multitype attendee search with freebusy...
2017-06-21 Paul MehrerTinebase_ActionQueue - fix tests
2017-06-20 Philipp SchüleMerge branch '2016.11' into 2016.11-develop
2017-06-20 Philipp SchüleMerge branch '2015.11-develop' into 2016.11
2017-06-20 Paul MehrerFelamimail Sieve - configurable email domain whitelist...
2017-06-20 Paul Mehrerpgsql - enforce role membership array to contain strings
2017-06-20 Michael Spahn0013222: Allow to filter for rrule
2017-06-20 Philipp Schüleskip app in registry data if no rights could be fetched
2017-06-20 Paul MehrerTinebase_ActionQueue_Worker: do not init tine20 framewo...
2017-06-19 Philipp Schüleonly use action queue if active
2017-06-19 Stefanie Stamer0013190: new customfield type (multiple) "records"
2017-06-19 Michael Spahn0013228: Unescaped values for displayed name and company
2017-06-19 Philipp SchüleMerge branch '2016.11-develop-ldap' into 2016.11-develop
2017-06-19 Paul MehrerTinebase Roles - getRolesMembership - account may not...
2017-06-16 Michael SpahnExport button doesn't check if application is available
2017-06-16 Cornelius Weiß0013206: add timeline as additional view
2017-06-16 Paul MehrerAcl/Grant account_type should support roles too
2017-06-16 Paul Mehrer0013220: rework action queue
2017-06-15 Michael Spahn0013184: ignore default container if it's not definitel...
2017-06-15 Michael Spahn0012950: More attachment methods for mail
2017-06-15 Michael Spahn0013178: select week of year button for week view
2017-06-15 Michael Spahn0013208: If virtual node is selected, select all contai...
2017-06-15 Paul MehrerFileSystem - stat: fix for old numerical application ids
2017-06-14 Cornelius Weiß0013192: base Mailfiler UI on Filemanager
2017-06-14 Michael Spahn0013176: Revision settings in fm dialog
2017-06-14 Michael Spahn0013182: wrong CalDav URL
2017-06-13 Philipp Schüle0013188: set interval for user password change
2017-06-13 Philipp SchüleMerge branch '2016.11' into 2016.11-develop
2017-06-13 Philipp SchüleMerge branch '2015.11-develop' into 2016.11
2017-06-13 Philipp Schüleset correct Tinebase version (10.28)
2017-06-13 Paul MehrerTinebase Month Filter - add contains operator