skip some new test with ldap/ad backends
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2017-06-12 Paul MehrerTinebase Filesystem - preview_count column default...
2017-06-12 Paul MehrerAddressbook Json Converter List - missing path feature...
2017-06-12 Paul MehrerTinebase_Export - bug in deprecated, client sends defin...
2017-06-12 Paul MehrerCalendar_Controller_Event::searchFreeTime
2017-06-12 Paul Mehrerfinalize Calendar_Frontend_Json::searchAttendee
2017-06-12 Paul Mehrernew config to disallow webdav clients using user agent...
2017-06-08 Michael Spahn0013180: Favorites are not working
2017-06-07 Paul Mehrerfinalizing Filesystem crud notification email
2017-06-07 Paul MehrerCalendar_Frontend_Json - searchAllAttendeeTypes
2017-06-07 Paul MehrerCalendar_Frontend_Json - add getFreeBusyInfo
2017-06-06 Cornelius Weiß0013020: Touch devices show double modal popups
2017-06-06 Cornelius Weiß0013146: Popup window for user edit not working (touch...
2017-06-06 Paul Mehrerfix default branding logo to be relative
2017-06-06 Michael Spahn0013172: Introduce notifications into filemanager
2017-06-06 Paul Mehrerpgsql - fix tinebase_tree_node query
2017-06-06 Paul MehrerFilemanager - allow to delete own notification props
2017-06-06 Paul MehrerTinebase Filesystem - make getChild case sensitive
2017-06-06 Cornelius Weißfix window conifg for non route dispatching
2017-06-06 Paul MehrerFilemanager - allow notification props update on read...
2017-06-06 Paul Mehrerfix setuptest
2017-06-02 Cornelius Weißactivate apps via app routes
2017-06-02 Cornelius Weißfix editDialogs w/o recordClass
2017-06-02 Cornelius Weiß0013170: add ui for indexed status
2017-06-02 Michael Spahnfix alarm panel in event edit dialog
2017-06-02 Paul MehrerFilemanager - added isIndexed field / filter
2017-06-02 Paul MehrerTinebase_Model_Tree_Node validation for revision and...
2017-06-02 Paul MehrerTinebase Container - make it replicable
2017-06-02 Cornelius Weißfix list/group adding
2017-06-02 Paul MehrerFilemanager - add converter to add name to notification...
2017-06-01 Philipp Schülefixes some update scripts
2017-06-01 Cornelius Weißfix attachments from filemanager
2017-06-01 Michael SpahnFix history for autogenerated dialogs
2017-06-01 Paul MehrerCalendar Export - fix docx export
2017-06-01 Cornelius Weißfix cal single exports
2017-06-01 Cornelius Weißfix cal export btn
2017-06-01 Paul MehrerTinebase FilterGroup - guess model if not set
2017-06-01 Michael Spahn0013134: Remove button order preference
2017-06-01 Philipp Schüle0013060: refactor filemanager node actions
2017-06-01 Paul MehrerTinebase Export: allow additional records send by client
2017-06-01 Paul Mehrerclean up exports
2017-06-01 Paul MehrerTinebase / Filemanager Replication - replicate grants...
2017-05-31 Cornelius Weißrole out generic export aciton
2017-05-31 Paul MehrerTinebase Export - add format to definition, allow templ...
2017-05-31 Cornelius Weiß0013162: applications keep switching
2017-05-31 Philipp Schüle0013144: Timetracker cannot be updated
2017-05-31 Michael Spahn0013120: Via Admin-App created calendar-container have...
2017-05-31 Cornelius Weiß0013156: export event from resource attendee
2017-05-31 Cornelius Weiß0013154: export into attached/linked template
2017-05-31 Cornelius Weiß0013138: generic export buttons & favorite
2017-05-31 Philipp Schüle0013160: user search should find disabled/hidden users
2017-05-31 Cornelius WeißcheckState on combo selects
2017-05-31 Michael Spahn0013158: Grid state is lost
2017-05-30 Michael Spahn0013140: new filter criteria 'contains a word starting...
2017-05-30 Stefanie Stamer0013078: allow to print groups from edit dialog
2017-05-30 Stefanie Stamershow loadmask until members and roles are loaded
2017-05-30 Michael Spahn0013136: Allow contains and notcontains for description
2017-05-30 Philipp Schüle0013148: add fulltext indicies to existing installation...
2017-05-30 Paul MehrerTinebase Replication - fix role members / rights
2017-05-30 Michael Spahn0013096: Dropping folder into FM causes a crash
2017-05-30 Stefanie StamerOR filterTreePanel is too small
2017-05-30 Paul Mehrer13148: add fulltext indicies to existing installations...
2017-05-30 Paul MehrerTinebase Frontend Cli - createFullTextIndex
2017-05-30 Paul MehrerTinebase Filesystem - fix notification
2017-05-29 Paul MehrerTinebase Export - implement group by
2017-05-29 Philipp Schüle0013032: add GRANT_DOWNLOAD
2017-05-29 Cornelius Weißfix timing issues with checkState
2017-05-29 Philipp Schülelower loglevel for server caching
2017-05-24 Paul MehrerTinebase Filesystem - fix revisionProps
2017-05-24 Michael SpahnMake datefield readonly in file publish summary
2017-05-24 Philipp Schülefix problem with empty email in aliases grid
2017-05-24 Philipp Schüleinitialize MailFiler personal folders
2017-05-24 Philipp Schüle0012762: Filing process fails with large no. of mails
2017-05-23 Philipp Schüle0013110: allow to config grid copy edit via modelconfig
2017-05-23 Michael Spahn0013130: Exception if no email is set
2017-05-23 Philipp Schüleallow customfields for Calendar resources
2017-05-23 Michael Spahn0013104: One cannot add a new calendar within the calen...
2017-05-23 Michael Spahn0013014: Allow to manage resources in addressbook module
2017-05-23 Michael SpahnFix resize for document preview
2017-05-23 Stefanie Stamer0013132: allow to create textarea customfields
2017-05-23 Philipp Schüle0013122: navigate anchors in mails via javascript
2017-05-23 Michael Spahn0013098: Password field
2017-05-23 Cornelius Weiß0013116: support custom conditions for custom fields
2017-05-23 Michael Spahn0013080: Extend document preview
2017-05-23 Paul MehrerTinebase Export - allow front end to send data to be...
2017-05-23 Paul Mehrer13092: Setup - set setup user
2017-05-23 Paul MehrerTinebase Export: add single/multi record flag
2017-05-23 Paul MehrerTinebase - Export - Xls - add abstract Xls export
2017-05-23 Philipp Schüle0013112: generic json api should resolve customfields...
2017-05-22 Philipp SchüleMerge branch '2016.11' into 2016.11-develop
2017-05-22 Paul MehrerExport - added definitions and templates
2017-05-22 Paul MehrerTinebase Config / Export - default branding logo to...
2017-05-22 Paul MehrerTinebase Doc Export - add block / separator facilities
2017-05-22 Paul Mehrer13108 Tinebase Export: reimplemented abstract framework
2017-05-19 Philipp Schülefixes Tinebase updates
2017-05-19 Michael Spahn0013098: Password field
2017-05-19 Philipp Schüle0013072: add password protection to download links
2017-05-19 Cornelius Weiß0013102: allow dynamic layout for customfields
2017-05-19 Stefanie StamerIntroduce new recordUpdate event to handle record updat...
2017-05-19 Philipp Schüle0013100: improve demodata: use recurring events and...
2017-05-19 Paul MehrerSetup - uninstall in order fashion always