0013098: Password field
[tine20] / tine20 /
2017-05-23 Michael Spahn0013098: Password field
2017-05-23 Cornelius Weiß0013116: support custom conditions for custom fields
2017-05-23 Michael Spahn0013080: Extend document preview
2017-05-23 Paul MehrerTinebase Export - allow front end to send data to be...
2017-05-23 Paul Mehrer13092: Setup - set setup user
2017-05-23 Paul MehrerTinebase Export: add single/multi record flag
2017-05-23 Paul MehrerTinebase - Export - Xls - add abstract Xls export
2017-05-23 Philipp Schüle0013112: generic json api should resolve customfields...
2017-05-22 Philipp SchüleMerge branch '2016.11' into 2016.11-develop
2017-05-22 Paul MehrerExport - added definitions and templates
2017-05-22 Paul MehrerTinebase Config / Export - default branding logo to...
2017-05-22 Paul MehrerTinebase Doc Export - add block / separator facilities
2017-05-22 Paul Mehrer13108 Tinebase Export: reimplemented abstract framework
2017-05-19 Philipp Schülefixes Tinebase updates
2017-05-19 Michael Spahn0013098: Password field
2017-05-19 Philipp Schüle0013072: add password protection to download links
2017-05-19 Cornelius Weiß0013102: allow dynamic layout for customfields
2017-05-19 Stefanie StamerIntroduce new recordUpdate event to handle record updat...
2017-05-19 Philipp Schüle0013100: improve demodata: use recurring events and...
2017-05-19 Paul MehrerSetup - uninstall in order fashion always
2017-05-18 Paul Mehrer13094: Tinebase_Filesystem - introduce notifications
2017-05-18 Philipp Schüle13090: Tinebase QueryFilter - empty search with advance...
2017-05-18 Philipp Schüle0013086: mysql lock ids can't be longer than 64 chars
2017-05-18 Paul Mehrer13088: query filter id and lable not returned from...
2017-05-18 Stefanie Stamerhttps://forge.tine20.org/view.php?id=13084
2017-05-18 Paul MehrerTinebase ModelConfig - adding filter types for numberal...
2017-05-18 Cornelius Weißbring back clearing for contains filter values
2017-05-17 Paul Mehrer13082: Tinebase Config: fix lazy db loading
2017-05-17 Philipp SchüleMerge branch '2016.11' into 2016.11-develop
2017-05-17 Philipp Schüle0013028: add failcount to scheduled import filter
2017-05-17 Philipp Schüle0010522: Anonymous download link - no or wrong filesize...
2017-05-17 Philipp Schüle0011386: Ldap port isn't set automatically anymore
2017-05-17 Philipp Schüle0013004: only persist status enabled, disabled and...
2017-05-17 Philipp Schüle0012768: mails containing backshlashes in subject can...
2017-05-17 Philipp Schülemake sure demodata users get their personal node
2017-05-17 Philipp Schüle0013034: add GRANT_PUBLISH
2017-05-17 Paul Mehrer13064: Tinebase Relations: gracefully catch broken...
2017-05-17 Cornelius Weiß0013068: Menu and displayed content not consistent...
2017-05-17 Philipp Schüle0013032: add GRANT_DOWNLOAD
2017-05-16 Philipp Schülefixes path resolving for other users nodes
2017-05-16 Michael Spahn0013074: some context menu entries missing
2017-05-15 Cornelius Weißfix appTabs
2017-05-15 Cornelius Weißreload root node shows multiplies contents
2017-05-15 Stefanie Stamer0013070: contact single print in edit dialog
2017-05-15 Philipp Schülerestore missing config SYNC_USER_DELETE_AFTER
2017-05-15 Philipp Schüle0013004: only persist status enabled, disabled and...
2017-05-12 Michael Spahn0013062: Allow document preview by selecting any file...
2017-05-12 Paul Mehrer13058: introduce filesystem previews
2017-05-12 Stefanie Stamerfix invalid groups error in contact relations
2017-05-12 Cornelius Weiß0013060: refactor filemanager node actions
2017-05-12 Philipp Schüle0013054: return account grants for toplevel nodes
2017-05-12 Philipp Schüle0013056: fix "method not found" in example app
2017-05-12 Michael Spahn11888: increase announced own cloud server version
2017-05-11 Philipp Schüleskip application update if user has no RUN right
2017-05-11 Philipp Schülewe have no owner when looking for other user nodes
2017-05-11 Cornelius Weißtemplates with images
2017-05-11 Philipp Schüle0013050: improve action renderer in sieve rules grid...
2017-05-10 Philipp Schülefix the fix in update script
2017-05-10 Philipp Schülefix importexport update script
2017-05-09 Philipp SchüleMerge branch '2016.11' into 2016.11-develop
2017-05-08 Paul Mehrer0013042: export: add handling for multiday whole day...
2017-05-08 Paul Mehrer0013040: move all exports to definition files
2017-05-08 Philipp Schüle0013038: add Tinebase to webdav root tree
2017-05-08 Philipp Schüle0013036: allow to configure when removed users should...
2017-05-08 Cornelius Weißimprove actionUpdater
2017-05-08 Philipp Schüle0013030: fix HR and FMail template folder nodes
2017-05-08 Philipp Schüleadds another base64 encoded message to AS tests
2017-05-06 Philipp SchüleExampleApplication frontend json can be omitted
2017-05-06 Philipp Schüle0013026: allow to set system account default folders...
2017-05-06 Philipp Schülerestore line removed by accident
2017-05-05 Philipp Schüleadds replicationuser to system users
2017-05-05 Philipp Schüle0013018: auto create personal folders for initial and...
2017-05-05 Philipp Schüleadds another phing target: phpunit-exec-build
2017-05-05 Philipp Schüle0012990: Tinebase Update from 10.9 to 10.20 not working
2017-05-05 Philipp Schüle0013022: don't show image in grid
2017-05-04 Philipp Schüle0013002: can't save file over webdav
2017-05-04 Paul Mehrer13012: Export - enable export of custom fields for...
2017-05-04 Philipp Schüle0013010: fix handling of otherUsers in Filemanager
2017-05-03 Paul MehrerTinebase_User_Sql - only persist status enabled, disabl...
2017-05-03 Paul MehrerExport - enable to put template files in Tine FileSystem
2017-05-02 Michael SpahnForce filter toolbar rendering
2017-05-02 Paul MehrerTinebase_User_ActiveDirectory - accountStatus fix
2017-05-02 Philipp Schüleremoves invalid shasum for sabre/vobject
2017-04-28 Philipp Schüleadds test for mcv2 custom field handling
2017-04-27 Philipp Schüleadds missing app version update
2017-04-27 Philipp Schülemcv2 models do not need a concrete filter class
2017-04-27 Stefanie Stamerpart of groups in contacts changes. Got lost somehow
2017-04-27 Paul Mehreradd new file system tasks to scheduler
2017-04-27 Paul MehrerFileSystem - prevent invalid folder sizes
2017-04-27 Philipp SchüleMerge branch '2016.11' into 2016.11-develop
2017-04-27 Philipp Schüleclicking main menu should not activate an app
2017-04-27 Philipp Schüle0012982: fix some mail issues with php 7
2017-04-26 Philipp SchüleFilemanager: shared children were missing via webdav
2017-04-26 Philipp Schüle0011952: TLS doesn't work with Self-signed
2017-04-24 Paul Mehrerfix pgsql
2017-04-24 Michael Spahn0012976: Filter breaks in felamimail until filtertoolba...
2017-04-24 Philipp SchüleMerge branch '2016.11' into 2016.11-develop
2017-04-24 Philipp Schüleadds a test for purchase invoice creation via webdav
2017-04-24 Paul Mehrer0012972: skip broken persistent filters
2017-04-24 Philipp Schülefix for path filter