2013-07-01 Philipp SchüleMerge branch '2013.03'
2013-07-01 Philipp SchüleMerge branch 'tine20.com/2012.10' into 2013.03
2013-07-01 Philipp Schüle#8412: fix ASCCT.testGetChangedEntries
2013-07-01 Philipp Schüle#8412: fix AS_Controller_CalendarTests.testGetChangedEn...
2013-07-01 Alexander Stintzing0008560: Using the same customfield in an or-filter...
2013-07-01 Lars KneschkeASSIGNED - # 8570: Icedove not detected as supported...
2013-07-01 Philipp SchüleMerge branch '2013.03'
2013-06-23 Lars Kneschkeupdated VCalendar converter to latest version of Sabre...
2013-06-23 Lars Kneschkeupdated VCard converter to latest version of Sabre...
2013-06-23 Lars Kneschkecomposer.lock does not belong into the repository
2013-06-21 Lars Kneschkeadded tine20/composer.lock to .gitignore file
2013-06-21 Cornelius Weiß0008350: switch to composer for library dependency...
2013-06-21 Cornelius WeißNew upstream release "Kristina" Service Release 4
2013-06-21 Cornelius Weißupdate lang templates
2013-06-21 Cornelius Weiß0008492: update transifex strings
2013-06-21 Philipp Schüle#8310: apps should be sorted the other way round in...
2013-06-20 Philipp Schüle#7178: BCC does not save the draft message
2013-06-19 Alexander Stintzing0008510: add history/modlog to sales contracts
2013-06-14 Philipp SchüleMerge branch '2013.03'
2013-06-14 Philipp SchüleMerge branch 'pu/2013.03/modelconfig-hr'
2013-06-14 Philipp Schüle#7178: BCC does not save the draft message
2013-06-14 Alexander Stintzing #8522: Add "Cleared At" field to timeaccounts as a...
2013-06-14 Alexander Stintzing #8512: Allow additional filters in RecordPickerComboBox
2013-06-13 Philipp SchüleMerge branch '2013.03'
2013-06-13 Philipp Schüle#8402: Wrong recipient with read confirmation
2013-06-13 Philipp Schüle#8516: child folders parent is not updated when renamin...
2013-06-13 Philipp Schüle#6642: passwords stored in trace log
2013-06-13 Philipp Schüle#8274: "x more" tooltip shows wrong numbers
2013-06-13 Philipp Schüle#8514: repair parent folder when updating existing...
2013-06-12 Alexander Stintzing #8454: default add button is no longer rowspan: 2
2013-06-11 Philipp SchüleMerge branch '2013.03'
2013-06-11 Cornelius Weiß0004824 Attendee Filter Grid eats checkbox click
2013-06-11 Fernando LagesMantis#0008488 Expresso#5318
2013-06-11 Philipp Schüle#8404: Preferences do not work with Postgres
2013-06-07 Philipp SchüleMerge branch '2013.03'
2013-06-07 Philipp Schüle#8464: freebusy check doesn't work when creating recur...
2013-06-07 Alexander Stintzing #6904: create generic gridPanelHook
2013-06-07 Philipp Schüle#8430: allow username schema 0 (just lastname)
2013-06-06 Philipp Schüle#8476: Drafts are not working
2013-06-06 Philipp SchüleMerge branch '2013.03'
2013-06-06 Philipp Schüleallow 'modified_attribute' in undo filter
2013-06-06 Fernando LagesMantis#0008338 Expresso#6098
2013-06-05 Filip Visichash did not change if file was edit, now we looking...
2013-06-05 Filip VisicTinebase better manager with relation, modlog, CFcache
2013-06-05 Philipp Schüleremoved obsolete code
2013-06-05 Filip Visicset explicite lenght for index - mysql
2013-06-05 Philipp SchüleMerge branch 'pu/2013.03-modelconfig-hr/inventory'
2013-06-05 Philipp SchüleMerge branch '2013.03'
2013-06-05 sstamer8240: Inventory_Import_CsvTest::testImportOfCSVWithHook...
2013-06-05 Philipp Schüle#8460: WebDAV File Upload fails
2013-06-05 Alexander Stintzing #8198: remaining vacation is not shown properly
2013-06-05 Mario KollingMantis#0008420 Expresso#6094
2013-06-05 Alexander Stintzing #8134: label "Quick search" -> "Quick Search"
2013-06-05 Alexander Stintzing #6572: find out idProperty in Iterator
2013-06-05 Filip VisicsimpleFAQ missing className
2013-06-05 Flávio Gomes... - #6584: generates a new application from templates...
2013-06-05 Philipp Schüle#8328: email attachment without extension is not sent...
2013-06-05 sstamer7542: remove Inventory_Frontend_Json::autoCompleteInven...
2013-06-05 Philipp Schüle#8422: em client not allowed to change calendar
2013-06-05 Philipp Schüle#8430: allow username schema 0 (just lastname)
2013-06-05 Alexander Stintzing #7702: modelconfig: customfields are not shown in...
2013-06-05 Philipp Schüle#8412: fix ASCCT.testGetChangedEntries
2013-06-05 Philipp Schülediff() should always return a RecordSetDiff
2013-06-05 Philipp Schüle#8410: course can't be saved (user not found)
2013-06-05 Philipp Schüle#8386: alarm is sent for recur series that is already...
2013-06-05 Filip VisicCalendar minor fixes
2013-06-04 Lars KneschkeASSIGNED - # 8404: Preferences do not work with Postgres
2013-06-03 sstamerFix Inventory Tests
2013-06-03 Philipp SchüleMerge branch '2013.03'
2013-06-03 Filip Visicset explicit lenght for index
2013-06-03 Philipp SchüleMerge branch 'pu/2013.03/modelconfig-hr' into pu/2013...
2013-06-03 Lars KneschkeASSIGNED - # 8472: Update table with PostgreSQL fails
2013-06-03 Filip VisicINsensitive search - Oracle
2013-06-03 Philipp Schüle#8450: Calendar_Frontend_WebDAV_EventTest fails with...
2013-06-03 Filip Visicmissing preferences for buttons in Activities Panel
2013-05-31 Philipp Schülecheck if logout() exists in window.crypto object
2013-05-31 Philipp Schülelowered loglevel of verbose relations logging
2013-05-31 Alexander Stintzing #8426: contracts do not appear in employee / contracts tab
2013-05-31 Philipp SchüleMerge branch 'pu/2013.03/modelconfig-hr'
2013-05-31 Philipp SchüleMerge branch '2013.03'
2013-05-31 Alexander Stintzing #8380: write a test for saveMyPhone as unprivileged...
2013-05-31 Alexander Stintzing0008446: Allow getting relations for one related model...
2013-05-30 Alexander Stintzing #8428: Use first constraint definition as default...
2013-05-30 Philipp SchüleMerge branch '2013.03'
2013-05-30 Alexander Stintzing0008444: Out of range value adjusted for column 'vacati...
2013-05-30 Philipp Schüle#8448: do not allow to delete customfields that are...
2013-05-30 Mario KollingMantis#0008414 Expresso#6094
2013-05-30 Filip Visic#8376: add new tinebase preferences
2013-05-30 Alexander Stintzing #8278: quickfilter reset does not reset filter toolbar
2013-05-30 Philipp Schüle0008056: add module view for lists in addressbook
2013-05-30 Filip Visicrevert buttons, and set action not global varijables
2013-05-29 Philipp Schüle#8300: Import User via CLI don't import all fields
2013-05-29 Philipp SchüleMerge branch '2013.03'
2013-05-29 Philipp Schüle#8300: Import User via CLI don't import all fields
2013-05-29 Philipp Schüleimprove login failure logging
2013-05-29 Alexander Stintzingset phone setting: unattended transfer by default
2013-05-28 Philipp SchüleMerge branch '2013.03' into pu/2013.03/modelconfig-hr
2013-05-28 Philipp Schüleadded login params logging (deactivated)
2013-05-28 Alexander Stintzing #8200: disabled days of the freetime edit dialog shoul...
2013-05-24 Filip Visicpreference fix bug for postgreSQL