2014-11-13 Philipp Schülerespect deleted attendee in event search
2014-11-12 Philipp Schüle0010449: allow to ignore data when importing ics
2014-11-12 Philipp Schülelowers log level for deprecated message
2014-11-12 Philipp Schüleimproves alarmAckReport: add recurring events and show...
2014-11-12 Philipp Schüleadjust function signature of fromTine20RecordSet in...
2014-11-11 Philipp Schüleimproves sorting and logging of deleteDuplicateEvents
2014-11-07 Philipp Schüle0008364: saving phone settings should close session...
2014-11-07 Philipp Schüleadds index for id column of table container_content
2014-11-07 Philipp Schüle0010439: require Syncroton 1.1.0
2014-11-07 Philipp Schüle0010435: report script for acknowledged alarms
2014-11-07 Philipp Schüle0010433: save access log / client information when...
2014-11-07 Philipp Schüleremoves sensitive information from smtp config DEBUG log
2014-11-07 Philipp Schüleallows to pass params to deleteDuplicateEvents CLI fn
2014-11-07 Philipp Schüle0010345: create synced events even if the id already...
2014-11-07 Lars Kneschkemore container query optimization
2014-11-06 Philipp Schüleimproves "only id" container fetching (getContainerByACL)
2014-11-05 Philipp SchüleFelamimail_Controller_Message_Send: original_id might...
2014-11-05 Philipp Schüle0010421: could not delete resource if resource containe...
2014-11-03 Philipp Schüle0010417: Exdate update doesn't update base event contai...
2014-11-03 Alexander Stintzing0010347: fix failing tests in Sales_JsonTest (user...
2014-10-30 Philipp Schülechecks if user has right for Tasks application
2014-10-30 Philipp Schüle0010285: CalDAV / CardDav stopped working after Koriand...
2014-10-29 sstamer10275: Fail to intelligent add resources to an new...
2014-10-29 Alexander StintzingModelConfig: Allow to render float as money
2014-10-27 Philipp Schüle0010405: adopt testAdoptAlarmTimeOfYearlyEvent
2014-10-27 Philipp Schüle0010397: Allow caldav updates for OSX 10.10 ical
2014-10-27 Philipp Schülehandles "no user object available"-case
2014-10-27 Philipp Schüleuse current user as organizer with 'me' strategy
2014-10-23 Philipp Schüledon't try to set turnover for empty relations
2014-10-22 Alexander StintzingSales: Use nicer image for costcenter
2014-10-22 Philipp SchüleMerge branch 'pu/2013.10-caldav' into 2013.10
2014-10-20 Philipp Schüleprevent overwriting of container name with the uuid...
2014-10-20 Philipp Schüle0010383: CLI script for repairing containers
2014-10-17 Philipp Schüle0010365: attendee filter grid breaks
2014-10-16 sstamerReturn keyField default
2014-10-16 sstamerinventory import
2014-10-16 Philipp Schüle0010198: Latest GIT breaks some Cal/CardDAV stuff
2014-10-15 Philipp Schüle0010345: create synced events even if the id already...
2014-10-15 Philipp Schüle0010355: Calendar sync not working with invalid mail...
2014-10-15 sstamerremove var_dump from test
2014-10-15 sstamer10333: loginname generating functions break Umlaute
2014-10-14 Philipp Schüle0010221: Updating fails due to conversion problem
2014-10-13 Philipp Schüleonly update image data if different
2014-10-13 Philipp Schüleimproves Exception logging
2014-10-13 Philipp Schüleattachment filenames need to be (raw)urlencoded
2014-10-10 Philipp Schüle0010345: create synced events even if the id already...
2014-10-10 sstamerAdd helper clifunction to repair/set samba options
2014-10-09 Philipp Schüledon't try to cache translations without config
2014-10-09 Philipp Schülecheck if Tinebase is installed before accessing config
2014-10-09 sstamer10339: getPreferedEmailAddress() of lists
2014-10-08 Michael Spahn10293: Add CRM field source to filter
2014-10-08 Lars Kneschkeavoid "group by" by using distinct
2014-10-08 sstamerAdd tearDown() to CalendarTest
2014-10-08 Michael Spahn10305: Undefined value in user edit dialog
2014-10-08 Michael Spahn10331: Fix Column already exists: conjunction
2014-10-08 Alexander Stintzing0010321: Tinebase record resolving
2014-10-08 Alexander Stintzing0010241: Allow to configure canreinvite of Sip-Peers
2014-10-08 Lars Kneschkefetch all available applications at once to avoid multi...
2014-10-08 Lars Kneschkemodified accesslog handling
2014-10-08 Cornelius Weißallow to recover deleted tasks via WebDAV
2014-10-08 Cornelius Weiß// map ipad to iphone till syncroton has ipad/ios support
2014-10-08 Cornelius Weiß(re) support Lion Attachments
2014-10-08 Cornelius Weißcatch conversion exceptions
2014-10-08 Cornelius Weißorganizer might be missing
2014-10-08 Cornelius Weißfake success when client sets default-alarms
2014-10-06 Lars Kneschkeadd caching for getAvailableTranlations
2014-10-01 Cornelius Weißhandle X-CALENDARSERVER-ACCESS for old iCal clients
2014-10-01 Cornelius Weißallow to recover deleted events via WebDAV
2014-10-01 Lars KneschkeImprove default container handling
2014-10-01 Cornelius Weißset default calUser
2014-10-01 Lars Kneschkeimprove perfomance of getOtherUsers
2014-09-30 Cornelius Weißapply calUser for deligated calendars via ActiveSync
2014-09-30 Lars Kneschkeadded caching to PrincipalBackend
2014-09-30 Cornelius Weißharmonize default organizer/attendee with delegation...
2014-09-30 Cornelius Weißhandle create/update exceptions
2014-09-30 Cornelius Weißfix event deletion on double PUT with time changes
2014-09-29 Cornelius Weißimprove CalDAV default attendee/organizer handling
2014-09-29 Cornelius Weißhandle create/update/delete exceptions
2014-09-29 Cornelius Weißimprove container move with missing X-TINE20-CONTAINER
2014-09-29 Cornelius Weißdon't try to cache if there are no attendee
2014-09-28 Lars Kneschkeenforce devicetype to be lowercase
2014-09-27 Cornelius WeißMSEventFacade performance improvements
2014-09-27 Lars Kneschkeimprove performance of getAlarms() by avoiding recordse...
2014-09-27 Lars Kneschkeimprove search performance by using unions
2014-09-26 Cornelius Weißalert when more than _1_ baseEvent is found
2014-09-26 Lars Kneschkespeedup multiget report
2014-09-26 Lars Kneschkeimprove performance of calendarQuery report by cacheing...
2014-09-26 Lars Kneschkealso take tasks container into account when querying...
2014-09-26 Lars Kneschkeimproved performance and memory footprint of
2014-09-26 Cornelius Weißadd support for caldav-privateevents extension
2014-09-25 sstamerDefault container preference and options
2014-09-25 Cornelius Weißdon't send attendees to the iPhone if the folder is...
2014-09-25 sstamerRevert "improved performance and memory footprint of"
2014-09-24 Lars Kneschkedon't send attendees to the iPhone if the folder is...
2014-09-24 Lars KneschkeMSEventFacade performance improvement
2014-09-24 Lars Kneschkeimproved performance and memory footprint of
2014-09-24 Lars KneschkeMSEventFacade performance improvenements
2014-09-22 Cornelius Weißincrease performance for large recordSets
2014-09-22 Cornelius Weißincrease performance for large recordSets
2014-09-20 Philipp Schüleset only readGrant as default grant in containerSelect...