2015-10-14 Philipp Schülecatches client registry exceptions
2015-10-14 Cornelius Weißadd resources in demo data
2015-10-12 Cornelius Weißdeny create/delete for unknown CalDAV clients
2015-10-08 Philipp Schüleshows a warning if application of billable is not found
2015-10-07 Philipp Schülefixes tags merging by removing duplicates
2015-10-05 Philipp Schüleadds additional logging for credential cache failures
2015-09-29 Philipp Schülethrow exception if relation is missing related_model
2015-09-29 Philipp Schüle0009852: improve cache cleaning after LDAP sync
2015-09-29 Cornelius Weiß0011286: allow contacts without org/family name
2015-09-22 Philipp SchüleMerge branch '2013.10' into 2014.11
2015-09-22 Cornelius Weißworkaround 10.10 allday event rrule until timezone bug
2015-09-22 Philipp Schülefixes email replacement in subscription links
2015-09-21 sstamermake Fileupload exception more general
2015-09-21 Cornelius Weiß0011336: support backup and restore via cli
2015-09-17 Philipp Schülecheck column existance first (resubmission_date) in...
2015-09-15 Philipp Schülerelaxes winmail.dat handling
2015-09-15 Philipp Schüleuse configured session path in cleanupSessions
2015-09-14 sstamerTranslate filtertoolbar and
2015-09-11 sstamerCatch not found Exception for invoices in timesheets
2015-09-08 Philipp SchüleFile caching backend is the default
2015-09-08 Cornelius Weiß0011296: can't upload files when upload_max_filesize...
2015-09-07 Philipp SchüleMerge branch '2013.10' into 2014.11
2015-09-07 sstamerincrease width of publish link popup
2015-09-07 Philipp Schülefixes rare case that user contact metadata is missing...
2015-09-04 Philipp SchüleMerge branch '2013.10' into 2014.11
2015-09-04 Philipp Schüle0011172: optimize getGroupmemberships in Principalbackend
2015-09-04 Philipp Schüleprevents js error when doubleclicking disabled app
2015-09-04 Philipp Schülen_given might be missing from VCARD, too
2015-09-02 Philipp Schüledo not try to translate accountables of unknown models
2015-09-02 Philipp Schüle0011266: increase size of event fields summary and...
2015-09-02 Philipp SchüleMerge branch '2013.10' into 2014.11
2015-09-02 Paul Mehrer0011290: tag filter returns wrong counts
2015-09-02 sstamerUse password suffix on student password reset
2015-09-02 Philipp Schüleadds tests DB profiling
2015-09-02 Philipp Schüle0011172: optimize getGroupmemberships in Principalbackend
2015-09-02 Paul Mehreradded githooks directory in scripts containing usefull...
2015-09-02 Philipp Schüle0011266: increase size of event fields summary and...
2015-09-01 Philipp SchüleMerge branch '2013.10' into 2014.11
2015-09-01 Philipp Schüleprevents fatal error if own attender can not be found
2015-08-31 sstamer0011282: Translate salutation in xml export
2015-08-28 Cornelius Weißremove conflict markers
2015-08-27 Philipp SchüleMerge branch '2013.10' into 2014.11
2015-08-27 Cornelius Weiß0011264: Fetch Exception when Client tries to delete...
2015-08-27 Cornelius Weiß0010628: Calender print shows only time range 0-11...
2015-08-27 Philipp Schüle0011260: LDAP sync: contact image is not updated
2015-08-25 Philipp SchüleMerge branch '2013.10' into 2014.11
2015-08-24 Cornelius Weiß0011256: Update event with "this and future" hides...
2015-08-14 Cornelius Weiß0011172: optimize getGroupmemberships in Principalbackend
2015-08-14 Cornelius Weiß0011232: support ATTENDEE in OSX 10.10
2015-08-14 Philipp SchüleRevert "0011172: optimize getGroupmemberships in Princi...
2015-08-13 Philipp Schüleremoves verbose role memberships output
2015-08-12 Philipp Schülefixes bad chars wbxml encoding
2015-08-12 Cornelius WeißRevert "10319: Status-change of attendees in events...
2015-08-10 Philipp SchülesetupChecks registry setting might be empty
2015-08-10 Philipp Schüleimproves create_admin: admin role exists
2015-08-07 Philipp Schüleprevents loop of isLogLevel by removing debug statement
2015-08-07 Marcelo Teixeira0011198: Setup logout destroy credential cache
2015-08-06 Lars Kneschkeseparated patched and addtional Zend Framework 1 classes
2015-08-06 Philipp Schüleremoves conflict marker
2015-08-06 Philipp SchüleMerge branch '2013.10' into 2014.11
2015-08-06 Philipp Schülemake Calendar update scripts more robust
2015-08-06 Philipp Schüle0011192: LDAP sync should delete contacts
2015-08-05 Philipp Schülecatch exception if user can't be resolved during update7
2015-08-05 Philipp Schülefixes some LDAP testing issues
2015-08-05 Philipp Schülefixes missing host/port for memcached caching config
2015-08-05 Philipp Schüleimproves isLogLevel
2015-08-05 Lars KneschkeSamba 3 to Samba 4 UUID migration
2015-08-04 Philipp SchüleMerge branch '2013.10' into 2014.11
2015-08-04 Philipp Schüle0011190: can't activate TLS for LDAP connections
2015-07-30 Philipp Schülefixes app default config handling
2015-07-30 Philipp Schülehandle the case that the Invoice model is missing
2015-07-29 Paul Mehrer0011172: optimize getGroupmemberships in Principalbackend
2015-07-27 Cornelius Weiss0005072: UID can be duplicate
2015-07-24 Philipp Schüle0011156: big files can't be uploaded
2015-07-16 Philipp SchüleMerge branch '2013.10' into 2014.11
2015-07-16 Paul MehrerContract start date empty lead to exception
2015-07-16 Philipp Schülehandle the case that no columns are defined in export...
2015-07-16 Philipp Schüleupload and post sizes might be needed during setup...
2015-07-15 Philipp Schülefixes some minor problems in abstract update class
2015-07-15 sstamer0011148: Renaming a group is not renaming the group...
2015-07-13 Philipp SchüleMerge branch '2013.10' into 2014.11
2015-07-13 Philipp Schüleincrease cache lifetime for principal resolving
2015-07-13 Philipp Schülefixes static function call
2015-07-13 Philipp Schülefixes print_r function name
2015-07-09 Philipp Schüle0011130: handle bad originator timzone in VCALENDAR...
2015-07-08 sstamer0010086: creating recur series loses displaycontainer_id
2015-07-08 Cornelius Weiß0011124: recur events with missing displaycontainer_id
2015-07-07 Philipp Schülefixes exception name
2015-07-06 Philipp Schüle0011118: LDAP auth: user without Tinebase permissions...
2015-07-06 Philipp Schüleadds logging for count of resolved relations
2015-07-02 Michael Spahn0010928: iconv use is deprecated
2015-07-02 Philipp Schüleremoves Flash pie charts
2015-07-01 Philipp SchüleMerge branch '2013.10' into 2014.11
2015-07-01 Paul MehrerSalesControllerInvoice - product and contract end date...
2015-07-01 Philipp Schüleupdates tine20 community url
2015-07-01 Philipp Schüleupdates langstats url on login panel
2015-07-01 sstamerFix for WindowType
2015-07-01 Philipp Schüleincreases required php version to 5.3.9
2015-07-01 Michael SpahnUpdate vagrant to trusty
2015-06-25 Lars Kneschkeset group_concat_max_len to max value for 32 bit systems