2015-02-04 Philipp Schüleprevent xDAV clients to change the container displaynam...
2015-02-04 sstamerMute Toggle with Reschedule, RecurException, StatusChange
2015-02-04 sstamer0010560: Import contacts using merge mine
2015-02-03 Cornelius Weißfix dayview position & size in print sheets
2015-02-03 Lars Kneschkeupdate for installations with PGSQL < 9.1 fails
2015-02-03 Philipp SchüleMerge branch 'pu/2013.10-mutenotification' into 2013.10
2015-02-03 Philipp SchüleMerge branch 'pu/2013.10-downloadlink' into 2013.10
2015-01-31 Philipp Schüleadd action should be available by default
2015-01-30 Philipp Schülediff(): date field in record could be DateTime without...
2015-01-30 Philipp Schüle0005578: activesync device management
2015-01-28 sstamervalidate 00:00 correctly
2015-01-28 sstamer0005578: activesync device management
2015-01-27 Cornelius WeißExdate delete does not update seq of base event
2015-01-19 Lars Kneschkeset correct AS foldertype for drafts folder
2015-01-19 Lars Kneschkesend all folders to client
2015-01-19 sstamerscroll position in crop mode
2015-01-14 sstamerFix 24:00 again
2015-01-14 Cornelius Weißmissing colon
2015-01-08 sstamerFix Printproblem with offset 0
2015-01-08 sstamer0010710: Shorten Usernames
2015-01-07 Philipp Schüle0010616: Tld with more than 4 letter in Webmail as...
2015-01-07 Lars Kneschkeadded in class cache to Tinebase_Group_Abstract/Sql
2015-01-06 Philipp Schülereplaces deprecated /e modifier in preg_replace
2015-01-02 Philipp Schüle0010622: user contact email is not updated during LDAP...
2014-12-30 Philipp Schüle0010610: yearly event is not shown in week view
2014-12-30 Philipp Schüleimproves HTTP Server exception handling
2014-12-29 Lars Kneschkecheck if cache is initialized and if result of describe...
2014-12-29 Lars Kneschkeimprove perfomance by avoiding double cache hit
2014-12-29 Cornelius Weiß0009542: load event relations on demand
2014-12-29 Philipp Schüleupdates metaways/opendocument to version 0.2
2014-12-29 Cornelius Weißadd ods export to calendar
2014-12-29 Lars Kneschkeperformance improvements for Tinebase_Convert_Json
2014-12-29 Lars Kneschkeimproved performance of getTableDescriptionFromCache
2014-12-29 Lars Kneschkeadd inClassCache for Tinebase_Acl_Roles class
2014-12-29 Lars Kneschkeimplemented users count function in user backend
2014-12-22 Lars Kneschkeupdated notes tests
2014-12-22 Lars Kneschkeimprove perfomance by avoiding double cache hit
2014-12-22 Lars Kneschkeimproved performance of Tinebase_Notes
2014-12-19 Lars Kneschkeadded in class cache for Tinebase_Container
2014-12-19 Philipp Schülerobusten code by checking variables before accessing
2014-12-19 sstamerFix 24:00 crop
2014-12-19 Lars Kneschkeimproved performance
2014-12-19 Lars Kneschkeimprove class logic
2014-12-19 Lars Kneschkeadded internal class cache
2014-12-19 Lars Kneschkemicro code optimization
2014-12-18 Philipp Schülefixes some variable names (ActiveSync.resetsync CLI)
2014-12-18 Cornelius Weißallign checkbox style to standards
2014-12-18 sstamerWIP increase content Sequence with ldap
2014-12-15 Philipp Schülefixes backend variable
2014-12-15 Michael SpahnFix leadstate length
2014-12-15 sstamerincrease sequence when updating user from sync Backend
2014-12-15 Philipp Schüle0010584: CLI function for resetting sync on devices
2014-12-15 Lars Kneschkefill atendee cache only when needed
2014-12-15 Lars Kneschkeavoid duplicate call of isRegistered
2014-12-11 sstamerShort usernames script
2014-12-11 Philipp Schülemake sure that caldav attachments filenames are decoded
2014-12-10 sstamer0010578: Fix for groups in active directory is broken
2014-12-10 sstamerChange internet access default
2014-12-10 Lars Kneschkeoptimized _checkGrants for performance
2014-12-09 Philipp Schüle0010554: create default department (school) on Courses...
2014-12-09 sstamer0010568: maximal username length
2014-12-08 Lars Kneschkeimprove perfomance of Tinebase_Core::isLogLevel
2014-12-08 Lars Kneschkesplitted logic of container grants in to two functions
2014-12-08 Lars Kneschkeimprove performance of Tinebase_Core::get
2014-12-07 Lars Kneschkeattendee has to be cloned before it can be added to...
2014-12-06 Lars Kneschkefix test testAlarmAckInRecurException
2014-12-06 Lars Kneschkearray key must be scalar value
2014-12-05 Michael SpahnExtend filter field for leadsource to 350px
2014-12-05 Lars Kneschkedelay creating instance of converter until really needed
2014-12-05 Lars Kneschkerefactored Calendar_Model_Attender::getAttendee
2014-12-05 Lars Kneschkerefactored getGrantsOfRecords to improve performance
2014-12-05 Lars Kneschkesplitted logic Calendar_Model_Attender::resolveAttendee...
2014-12-03 Philipp Schüleadds user agent to alarm ack information
2014-12-03 Lars Kneschkecache parsed user-agent
2014-12-03 Lars Kneschkeremoved index handling
2014-11-25 Philipp Schüleremoves db config that's incompatible with pgsql
2014-11-25 Philipp Schülecolumn might already exist
2014-11-24 Philipp Schülechecks for existing class before calling constructor
2014-11-24 sstamerNew url for bugreports script
2014-11-18 Philipp Schülefixes compareCalendars: filter summary matching subset
2014-11-14 Philipp Schüle0010454: cli script for comparing calendars
2014-11-14 Philipp SchüleRevert "respect deleted attendee in event search"
2014-11-14 Philipp Schüle0010464: cli script for repairing attendee
2014-11-13 Philipp Schüle0010454: cli script for comparing calendars
2014-11-13 Philipp Schülerespect deleted attendee in event search
2014-11-12 Philipp Schüle0010449: allow to ignore data when importing ics
2014-11-12 Philipp Schülelowers log level for deprecated message
2014-11-12 Philipp Schüleimproves alarmAckReport: add recurring events and show...
2014-11-12 Philipp Schüleadjust function signature of fromTine20RecordSet in...
2014-11-11 Philipp Schüleimproves sorting and logging of deleteDuplicateEvents
2014-11-07 Philipp Schüle0008364: saving phone settings should close session...
2014-11-07 Philipp Schüleadds index for id column of table container_content
2014-11-07 Philipp Schüle0010439: require Syncroton 1.1.0
2014-11-07 Philipp Schüle0010435: report script for acknowledged alarms
2014-11-07 Philipp Schüle0010433: save access log / client information when...
2014-11-07 Philipp Schüleremoves sensitive information from smtp config DEBUG log
2014-11-07 Philipp Schüleallows to pass params to deleteDuplicateEvents CLI fn
2014-11-07 Philipp Schüle0010345: create synced events even if the id already...
2014-11-07 Lars Kneschkemore container query optimization
2014-11-06 Philipp Schüleimproves "only id" container fetching (getContainerByACL)