2014-04-08 Philipp Schüle9820: Infinite loop in adoptAlarmTime (DST Boundary)
2014-03-07 sstamerFix the IE security warning for login box
2014-02-27 sstamer9714: add getConfig cli function
2014-02-21 Philipp Schüle#9688: allow to configure default period filter in...
2014-02-10 Alexander Stintzing0009638: xls exports always exports only 100 leads
2014-02-10 Philipp Schüle#9644: remove user registration
2014-01-29 Philipp Schüle#9606: preferences: forcing current default value is...
2014-01-29 Philipp Schüle#9602: CRM should cope with empty start of leads
2014-01-28 Philipp Schüleremoves some record data from request
2014-01-28 sstamer# 9566: allow to pass json arrays as config values...
2014-01-16 Philipp Schüle#9418: copied contact is always added to selected container
2014-01-10 Philipp Schüle#4169: reduce memory consumption when sending message
2014-01-09 Philipp Schüle#9512: preserve windowNameConnection files in package
2014-01-09 Philipp Schüleinitialize $baseVevent variable
2014-01-09 Philipp Schüle#9396: alarm_ack_time and alarm_snooze_time are not...
2014-01-09 Philipp Schüle#9498: improve sorting of contacts in attendee picker...
2014-01-09 Philipp Schülefixed wrong message/action param handling
2014-01-08 Philipp Schüle0009262: Import Calender fails
2013-12-27 Philipp Schüle#9462: endless loop in Calendar_Controller_Event::adopt...
2013-12-27 Philipp Schüle#9458: allow to configure number of alarms
2013-12-27 Philipp Schüle#9464: user grid does not refresh after ctx menu action
2013-12-27 Cornelius Weiß0009320: Wrong notification on first occurrence exceptions
2013-12-20 Philipp Schüle#9424: missing postalcode prevents saving of contact
2013-12-20 Philipp Schüle#9418: copied contact is always added to "Internal...
2013-12-19 Philipp Schüle#9416: IE9: js error in (new) lead edit dialog
2013-12-16 Philipp Schüle#9408: getFolderStatus must check user accounts
2013-12-16 Philipp Schüle#9184: Only Admin Contact Data is synced (Outlook 2013)
2013-11-29 Philipp Schüleprevents 'undefined index' errors when fetching quota
2013-11-25 Philipp Schüle#8644: error when sending mail with note (wrong charset)
2013-11-18 Lars Kneschke# 8676: ActiveSync with BB 10, Wrong Data in Calender...
2013-11-15 Cornelius Weiß0009264: Mavericks iCal adds organizer as attendee...
2013-11-15 Cornelius Weiß0009190: find workaround for iCal rrule_until interpret...
2013-11-15 Philipp Schüle#9250: fix test testChangePasswordAndUpdateCredentialCache
2013-11-14 Philipp Schüleprevent empty cfConfig failures
2013-11-11 Philipp Schüle#8644: error when sending mail with note (wrong charset)
2013-11-11 Cornelius Weiß0009190: find workaround for iCal rrule_until interpret...
2013-11-08 Philipp Schüleimproved debugging for sending mail via smtp
2013-11-08 Cornelius Weiß0009190: find workaround for iCal rrule_until interpret...
2013-11-04 Cornelius Weiß0009186: OSX CalDAV does not sync
2013-10-31 Philipp Schüle#9180: saveUser: Call to undefined method insertProperty
2013-10-30 Philipp Schüle#9148: fix test testRecuringAlarmWithThisAndFutureSplit
2013-10-28 Philipp Schüle#9148: fix test testRecuringAlarmAfterSeriesEnds
2013-10-28 Cornelius Weißhelper function for user agent dependent actions
2013-10-28 Cornelius Weißdetect addressbook from OSX Mavericks
2013-10-22 Philipp Schüledate could not be parsed correctly
2013-10-22 Philipp Schüle#9102: sometimes message cache update enters infinite...
2013-10-21 Philipp Schüle#9076: prevent sql connection to email backend for...
2013-10-21 Philipp Schüle #9076: prevent sql connection to email backend for...
2013-10-08 Philipp Schülethrow exception if node container is missing
2013-09-26 Philipp Schüle#8960: more than one list ilter breaks contact search
2013-09-25 Philipp Schüle#8948: deactivate context menu on new events
2013-09-23 Philipp Schüle#8910: "base event not found" when trying to create...
2013-09-23 Philipp Schüle#8854: Error when printing a calendar
2013-09-23 Philipp Schüle#6880: save drafts/templates without subject/recipients
2013-09-23 Philipp Schüle#8932: dtend is wrong after dtstart has been changed
2013-09-20 Philipp Schüleonly add pwsuffix once
2013-09-19 Philipp Schüleupdated changelogs for 2013.03.8
2013-09-19 emersonfariaMantis#0008596 Expresso#6568
2013-09-18 Philipp SchüleMerge branch '1.0' of git.syncroton.org/Syncroton into...
2013-09-18 Cornelius Weißsupport bynari WebDAV Collaborator for Outlook
2013-09-17 Philipp Schüle#8848: rrule_until: remove special handling for windows CE
2013-09-17 Cornelius Weiß8920: file size precision increases with grid index
2013-09-17 Philipp Schüle008906: rrule_until is saved in usertime
2013-09-12 Philipp Schüleadded missing german translations
2013-09-12 Philipp Schüleshow exception message for (sometimes) failing test
2013-09-11 Philipp Schüle0008894: update from transifex
2013-09-11 Philipp Schüleallow to enable disabled Addressbook (Admin, Tinebase)
2013-09-09 Lars Kneschkelowered memory usage in Synroton_Server and Syncroton_W...
2013-09-09 Lars KneschkeLowered memeroy usage during encoding (profiled with...
2013-09-04 Alexander Stintzing0008866: Fix text of empty search result of models...
2013-08-30 Lars Kneschkeadd build.xml for easier test automatization
2013-08-30 Lars Kneschkelog full stacktrace at debug level
2013-08-30 Philipp Schüleadopt test to last days of month
2013-08-30 emersonfariaMantis#0008596 Expresso#6568
2013-08-30 Alexander Stintzingremove trailing comma
2013-08-30 Philipp Schüle#8844: Mails sent without content (NIL)
2013-08-30 Alexander Stintzing0008838: RelationPickerGrid model-searchbox doesn't...
2013-08-30 Philipp Schüle#8826: update range:all does not work on first occurren...
2013-08-30 Lars KneschkeMerge "improve handling of unknown tags"
2013-08-29 Lars KneschkeMerge "Fix bug in reading php://input stream where...
2013-08-29 Aleksander... Fix bug in reading php://input stream where OPAQUE...
2013-08-29 Lars Kneschkeimprove handling of unknown tags
2013-08-29 Lars Kneschkeupcase first name of sql table names to match the defau...
2013-08-28 Philipp Schüle#8486: Contacts deleted on Android device
2013-08-28 Philipp Schüle#8306: Just one or not all folders available for some...
2013-08-22 Alexander Stintzing0008796: folder tree always scrolls to top on copying...
2013-08-22 Philipp Schüle#8386: alarm is sent for recur series that is already...
2013-08-22 Philipp Schüleremoved braces from number
2013-08-20 Alexander Stintzing0008812: Copying a record does not copy its relations
2013-08-20 Alexander Stintzing0008816: relation types should have an empty item
2013-08-20 Philipp Schüleuse mbConvertTo
2013-08-20 Philipp Schüle#8416: json_encode(): Invalid UTF-8 sequence in argument
2013-08-20 Philipp Schüle#8384: recipient grid should not show "red corner"
2013-08-20 Philipp Schüle#8226: when tabbing - wrong tab content is displayed
2013-08-20 Philipp Schüleexclude all '.' and '..' files (check subdirs, too)
2013-08-20 Alexander Stintzing0008220: copy event does not copy alarms
2013-08-19 Cornelius Weiß0008810: mem leak with popup windows
2013-08-15 Philipp Schüleudpated changelogs for 2013.03.7
2013-08-15 Philipp Schülelimit note text length to 10k chars
2013-08-15 Philipp Schüleshow correct path in exception when fopen fails