2012-08-13 Cornelius WeißMerge branch 'master' of git.syncroton.org/Syncroton
2012-08-13 Cornelius WeißImport Syncroton
2012-08-10 Alexander Stintzingfix filter handling in application-starter
2012-08-10 Philipp Schüleadded another user import test case
2012-08-10 Alexander StintzingHR failure without private info rights
2012-08-10 Philipp Schüle0006910: new manual users have no samba settings
2012-08-10 Lars KneschkeMerge "Make sure entries added on the device aren't...
2012-08-10 Lars KneschkeMerge "Add lost EmailAttachment properties (ContentId...
2012-08-10 Lars KneschkeMerge "Commented out all lost echo commands"
2012-08-09 Aleksander... Make sure entries added on the device aren't returned
2012-08-09 Aleksander... Add lost EmailAttachment properties (ContentId, Content...
2012-08-09 Aleksander... Commented out all lost echo commands
2012-08-09 Aleksander... Fixed typo s/SaveinSentItems/SaveInSentItems/
2012-08-09 Philipp Schüle0006908: do not change enctype if pw is unchanged
2012-08-08 Lars Kneschkeupdated tests
2012-08-08 Lars Kneschkeimproved provisioning
2012-08-08 Lars Kneschkereturn xml for provisioning and remote as property...
2012-08-08 Lars Kneschkereturn xml for provisioning and remote as property...
2012-08-08 Lars Kneschkesent the correct status response
2012-08-08 Lars Kneschkewe don't support AS 2.5 any mmore
2012-08-08 Philipp Schülefixed forward only detection in ldap plugin
2012-08-08 Philipp Schüle0006902: email user sync is missing aliases/forwards
2012-08-08 Alexander Stintzingadded messages on HR transferUserAccounts
2012-08-08 Alexander StintzingHR fixes
2012-08-08 Lars Kneschkeadded missing test
2012-08-08 Lars Kneschkefixed forwarding of emails
2012-08-07 Philipp Schüle0006900: User Dialog broken
2012-08-07 Philipp Schüle0006852: always add iconv filter on import
2012-08-07 Lars Kneschkeadded one more constant
2012-08-07 Lars Kneschkehide error message if constant is not set
2012-08-07 Michael SpahnUpdates Fedora spec file
2012-08-07 Philipp Schüle0006524: Access Problems via Webdav
2012-08-07 Philipp Schüle0006688: contact of new user should have modlog info
2012-08-07 Philipp Schüle0006882: can't send mail after wrong recipient error
2012-08-07 Alexander StintzingExampleApplication - removed parent constructor call
2012-08-07 Lars Kneschkeparse $_GET in the server class only
2012-08-07 Lars Kneschkehandover full requestsParameters array and not only...
2012-08-06 Lars Kneschkefix line ending
2012-08-06 Lars Kneschkefix email parsing
2012-08-06 Alexander Stintzing #6844: sieve rules dialog: all actions are disabled
2012-08-06 Philipp Schüle0006852: always add iconv filter on import
2012-08-06 Philipp Schüle0006870: allow to configure default quota
2012-08-06 Philipp Schüle0006868: deactivate session locking for multi update
2012-08-06 Philipp Schüle0006856: add user name placeholder to vac. templates
2012-08-06 Lars Kneschkefix variable name
2012-08-06 Philipp Schüledestroy session if current user has no roles
2012-08-06 AirMikeFix IE invalid argument error
2012-08-06 Lars Kneschkefixed fetch of entries
2012-08-06 Lars Kneschkefix DateTime format finally
2012-08-06 Lars Kneschkeuse the correct DateTime format xx-xx-xxTxx:xx:xxZ...
2012-08-06 Lars Kneschkeoptions are now a separate property of the collection
2012-08-06 Lars Kneschkeadd NativeBodyElement
2012-08-06 Lars Kneschkeadded default options also for setFromArray
2012-08-05 Alexander Stintzingapplication starter, container handling
2012-08-04 Lars Kneschkeupdated tests
2012-08-04 Lars Kneschkecode cleanup
2012-08-04 Lars Kneschkerenamed class constants (removed redundant prefix)
2012-08-04 Lars Kneschkeadd getProperties to interface
2012-08-04 Lars Kneschkecode cleanup
2012-08-04 Lars Kneschkecode cleanup
2012-08-04 Lars Kneschkeminor phpdoc updates
2012-08-04 Lars Kneschkeadded new constant (used by unittests only)
2012-08-04 Lars Kneschkeadded a function to return a list of all possible prope...
2012-08-04 Lars Kneschkemultiple minor changes (code cleanup, phpdoc, ...)
2012-08-04 Lars Kneschkemodified logic to lookup classes
2012-08-04 Lars Kneschkerestrcutured lines of code
2012-08-03 Philipp Schüleadded some german translations
2012-08-03 Philipp Schüle0006876: create default favorite for new teachers
2012-08-03 Cornelius Weiß#5466: improve timezone detection / guessing
2012-08-03 Cornelius Weißmove TimeZoneConvert to library path
2012-08-03 Cornelius WeißMerge branch 'master' of https://github.com/corneliuswe...
2012-08-03 Cornelius WeißImport TimeZoneConvert
2012-08-03 Cornelius Weißminor fixes
2012-08-03 Philipp Schüle0006878: set primary group for manually added users
2012-08-03 Cornelius Weißadd wrapper functions and doku
2012-08-03 Philipp Schüle0006874: make user login name configurable
2012-08-03 Philipp Schüle0006872: cli filter func does not update memberships
2012-08-03 Cornelius Weißfeature: php timezone id to vtimezone
2012-08-03 Alexander Stintzingallow formatting bytes with 1000 bytes = 1MB instead...
2012-08-03 Alexander Stintzingadd number to sales-contract getTitle
2012-08-02 Alexander Stintzinghr, sales, tt - costcenter, division, hr improvements
2012-08-02 Cornelius Weißadd known timezones / identifiers
2012-08-02 Cornelius Weißfeature: vtimezone to php timezone id
2012-08-02 Alexander Stintzingapplication starter - foreign record renderer
2012-08-01 Philipp Schüle#6852: always add iconv filter on import
2012-08-01 Lars Kneschkecomment out debug code
2012-08-01 Lars KneschkeFixed Body parsing and creation of XML structure and...
2012-07-31 AirMike#0006768
2012-07-31 Philipp Schüle#6834: can't save vacation data
2012-07-30 Cornelius Weiß#6820: Filemanager Container GrantsDialog corrupted
2012-07-27 Lars Kneschkefixed broken tests
2012-07-27 Lars Kneschkeimplemented body parsing and improved code layout
2012-07-27 Lars KneschkeImplemented data backend for entries
2012-07-27 Lars Kneschkemoved exampel server code to index.php and removed...
2012-07-27 Lars Kneschkeadded example index.php file to bootstrap ActiveSync...
2012-07-26 Lars Kneschkework araound the problem that sometimes the device...
2012-07-26 Lars KneschkeImplemented FolderUpdate command and changed some calls
2012-07-26 Lars KneschkeMerge "Fixed parse error, finished renaming s/syncope...
2012-07-26 Aleksander... Fixed parse error, finished renaming s/syncope/syncroto...
2012-07-26 Lars KneschkeMerge "add missing exceptions"